Speakers: Energised for Impact 2017

Here’s a roundup of the ISAAC UK 2017 Conference speakers:

Dr. Joss Bray, Keynote speaker
Keynote speaker on Competent Compassion

Joss is a doctor with extensive experience and expertise across a wide range of medical practice including psychiatry, general practice and substance misuse. He has worked in every tier of service provision both in the NHS and in the independent sector. He worked to help produce NICE guidelines and also wrote the RCGP curriculum for treating people with drug and alcohol problems. Joss is a fellow of the RCGP and a member of the RCPsych.

His personal ethos is “competent compassion” and he strongly feels that Christian professionals need both competence and compassion to do an excellent job, and he always seek to grow these values in his personal and professional life. He is currently the Clinical Lead for Drug and Alcohol Recovery Teams in the North East Prison cluster – employed by Spectrum Community Health CIC. Come hear more about what Competent Compassion can mean in your day to day work.

Fiona Fallon
Seminar leader on The journey of Teen Challenge UK

Fiona is the National Programme Director for Teen Challenge UK. She graduated from the Teen Challenge Evangelism School in 1995. Since then, she has been involved in pioneering local church and for nine years served as manager of Hope House which is a residential rehabilitation centre. Her current role as National Programme Director for Teen Challenge UK, means that she has oversight of all their residential centres. She is also the European representative for Global Teen Challenge Women’s and Children’s ministries.

Pat Prosser
Seminar Leader on Families and addiction

Pat is well known in Christian addictions circles as being a passionate advocate for having the right skills to do the specialist job of caring for those who are addicted or in recovery. He is an excellent Trainer and has set-up and run a Certificate Course for the University of Gloucestershire on Substance Misuse Care and Counselling. He will speak from his vast experience on Families and addiction.

Nick Smith : Drug use in Prisons and Addiction from a Medical Viewpoint

Nick comes from a medical background and has an active Christian faith. He has shared some of his experience and knowledge with one of our regional groups and by popular demand he will be talking us through his experience of addictions in prisons from a medical point of view.

David Finney : CQC Insight

David runs a social care consultancy and has 40 years’ experience in social care, largely in management positions within Government organisations. At the Commission for Social Care Inspection, David was the first Head of Inspection to develop standards specifically for the drug and alcohol rehabilitation sector. David also authored the ‘National Guidance for Inspectors of Residential Services for People Recovering from Drug or Alcohol Addiction’, used by CSCI.

David will be running a workshop, giving advice around CQC standards for residential and non-residential projects and looking at how Kingdom values relate to these regulations.

Mark Wood : Too stressed out to care?

We all know that working in the addiction field can be stressful and if we don’t look after ourselves we risk getting burnt out. Stress is a state of being and not a health problem, although if it’s unchecked or prolonged it can result in mental and physical health problems. This session will help develop self-care, leaving you better equipped to love yourself as much as those you care for (Mark 12v31).

Mark has worked in the charity sector for nearly 15 years pioneering and developing initiatives with young people/young adults, particularly those with drugs, alcohol and mental health issues.  Since gaining an MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling in 2012 he has also worked as a trainer and consultant.  Mark is currently leading Korban, a Christian charity offering supported housing to 16-25 year olds in Colchester.  He has an amazing family and loves being part of the local church in Colchester.  He enjoys food and art of all kinds, sings in a gospel choir and occasionally DJs in his spare time.


Martin Howe and Liz Howe : Housing Homeless People in your City – how does it work practically?
Martin and Liz began The Dwelling Place, a Green Pastures partnership house in Basingstoke in 2015, supporting single men through difficult times in their lives. Liz is now the manager of the home. Martin started working for Green Pastures in April 2017. Martin was formerly CEO of Clean Sheet, a 3-step pathway from prison to employment. Liz is the project leader for the Night Light Winter Shelter in Basingstoke. They are both active members of the Basingstoke Community Churches network, where Martin serves on the preaching team.

Huseyin Djemil : Treatment and Recovery in Times of Austerity
Huseyin has 25 years-experience specialising in the criminal justice, substance misuse treatment and social care sector.
Huseyin underwent residential rehabilitation for class A drug use in 1986, and has gone on to roles including:
• Admissions & Referrals Coordinator
• Arrest Referral & Drug Worker
• Service Manager
• DAAT Coordinator & Commissioner and
• HMPS London area Drug Strategy Coordinator for the seven London prisons

In 2009, he developed Green Apple Consulting Ltd, with the simple aim of improving the condition of his clients, and therefore improving the lives of the people around them.

Treatment & Recovery in Times of Austerity will cover how services can remain adaptable and relevant without losing their values, principles or purpose as well as how to resist a ‘deficit mindset’ in all areas of work, especially in how clients and beneficiaries are dealt with. Being competitive, while still being caring.

We are in the process of confirming the last workshop speaker for this slot, we will let you know details asap. Keep an eye on our emails.