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ISAAC UK Conference 2017 : Energised for Impact

Competent Compassion - Dr. Joss Bray

Dr. Joss Bray shares his framework for working with people in addictions and recovery : Competent Compassion. Read more about this approach and adopting it in your setting here:

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Families and Addiction - Patrick Prosser

Patrick shares from 30+ years of experience, a Christian view on Families and Addiction. Any addiction can affect the whole family, stress the family unit to breaking point, and change family dynamics. What are we up against? How can we help? And, can the family play a part in recovery? God undoubtedly cares about families – how do we mirror that care?

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In this video, Fiona talks us through the various aspects of Teen Challenge UK and encourages us with stories of transformation.

Fiona Fallon graduated from the Teen Challenge Evangelism School in 1995 and has since been involved in pioneering local church, pioneering a residential rehabilitation centre and for nine years served as manager of Hope House (residential rehabilitation). Fiona is currently the National Programme Director for Teen Challenge UK, having oversight of all their residential centres, and is also the European representative for Global Teen Challenge Women’s and Children’s ministries.

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Treatment and Recovery in a Time of Austerity - Huseyin Djemil

Huseyin has 25 years-experience specialising in the criminal justice, substance misuse treatment and social care sector.
This valuable and timely video will cover how services can remain adaptable and relevant without losing their values, principles or purpose as well as how to resist a ‘deficit mindset’ in all areas of work, especially in how clients and beneficiaries are dealt with. Being competitive, while still being caring.

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Supported Housing with Green Pastures - Martin Howe

What if we told you that there is a solution to the homelessness in your town/city/village? Martin tells us about Green Pastures’ successful model for housing the homeless in partnership with local churches and projects. Visit for more.

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Too Stressed out to Care? - Mark Wood

Mark has worked in the charity sector for nearly 15 years pioneering and developing initiatives with young people/young adults.

We all know that working in the addiction field can be stressful and if we don’t look after ourselves we risk getting burnt out. Stress is a state of being and not a health problem, although if it’s unchecked or prolonged it can result in mental and physical health problems. This session will help develop self-care, leaving you better equipped to love yourself as much as those you care for (Mark 12v31).

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Dr. Nick Smith : Drug use in Prisons and Addiction from a Medical Viewpoint
Dr. Smith works at HMP Berwyn in Wales. He also works in a GP practice for the homeless, in the A&E in Chester and volunteers with the charity Freedom from Torture.
A lot of his work involves rationalising prescribing issues in patients who have a history of illicit drug use. He is working towards establishing a Christian drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation service in Chester and worships at Freedom Church, Chester.

Please contact us if you would like Dr.Smith’s presentation or talk.

David Finney – Care Quality Commission Insights

David runs a social care consultancy and has 40 years’ experience in social care. At the Commission for Social Care Inspection, David was the first Head of Inspection to develop standards specifically for the drug and alcohol rehabilitation sector and authored their National Guidance for Inspectors of Residential Services for people in recovery.

In this audio you will hear David present a Christian perspective on the CQC’s standards: Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive, Well-Led. As this is a workshop, you will also hear the attendees’ perspectives and questions.

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