Mercy Ministries are hosing CPD training days with Deep Release. Deep Release are based in Brentwood and deliver CPD accredited training to Christian counsellors and therapists. To make this training available to people in the north of England, some Deep Release training days are being hosted at Mercy’s Cornerstone Headquarter facilities in West Yorkshire.

Mercy are opening this accredited training up to Counsellors, Trainee Counsellors and Pastoral Workers in churches, projects, ministries and counselling services in the region
The Adult Attachment Behaviours course will be held on 25th September 2018.

You can book online with the links above, or if you have any questions please contact Mercy at partnerships@mercyuk.org. If you are a member of ISAAC and you would like to book on to attend as a group, then you can contact Mercy directly so that they can discuss your specific requirements and look at if they can accommodate this through a Group Discount.


Keys to Freedom
This is an interactive discipleship course to educate, equip and empower you with biblical keys to live and stay free. This course is Mercy’s latest resource, that takes principles from their residential programme, put together in such a way that it can be journeyed individually or in a group. The course is suitable for young or old, male or female, new or established believers alike. Click here for more details.

Free resources / eBooks
Here is a link to access Mercy’s free resources and eBooks. The eBooks are in depth (downloadable PDF) guides to the topics of self harm, eating disorders, addiction and sexual abuse.

Support services and training days
Mercy provides training courses that are designed to give an overview and understanding of some of the issues they see on a daily basis and provide you with some practical keys to help you stay whole as you support those in need around you. Their Support Services team are also available to answer questions you may have about how to support an individual you know who is struggling with a life controlling issue. They can provide you with signposting to resources and information material, alongside other services, ministries and organisations that may be of help to you or the individual you are supporting. You can e-mail Mercy on info@mercyuk.org


Below are links to a couple of videos provided by Spacious Places in Leeds, based around the book, The Chimp Paradox.

Here is an interview with Graham Fell from Spacious Places and The Chimp Management Team (Dr Steve Peters, author of The Chimp Paradox).

Here is a second video, about a play that Spacious Places put on, aimed at the relatives of people in addiction.


The Genesis Processes now have online and DVD training for running one-on-one and group sessions. If you haven’t heard of the Genesis Process, here is an introduction.

There are three types of training on offer:

  1. Live one-on-one Relapse Prevention Training. See the website for any upcoming events.
  2. Online one-on-one Relapse Prevention Training. See the website for details
  3. Genesis Change Groups which have a facilitators training included on the DVD’s.


Arnoud Van Asperen, based in the Netherlands can train on a variety of topics including relapse prevention and self-management. He has taught courses on the 12 Steps and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to both clients as well as project workers. Arnoud can train in English and Dutch. He is able to travel to deliver training if expenses are paid.

Husband to Eline, and father of three, he is a member of a reformed Christian church and works at The Hope Project (De Hoop).

Contact: a.vanasperen@dehoop.org


Research on faith-based alcohol treatment

Dr Daniel Webb, a researcher at Cardiff University, is part of a team who are working in collaboration with Alcohol Research UK, on the “Faith in Recovery: Service-user evaluation in faith-based alcohol treatment” project.

A major part of the project involves mapping the size, scope and activities of all the different faith-based alcohol addiction services operating in England and Wales. This is the first comprehensive mapping of faith-based alcohol services in the UK. The map will be publicly available to give service users and referral agencies more readily available information about the faith-based services nearest to them.

In order to gather information and produce this map they have designed a short online survey for those groups or organisations who are currently running an addiction treatment/recovery programme or course (with some aspect focusing on alcohol misuse). It would be great if you could contribute your critical insights and professional knowledge by filling out the survey.

Here is the survey.

An information sheet that outlines the research project in more detail can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team if you have any further questions about the survey or the project. You can email them collectively at faithandrecoveryproject@gmail.com, or individually at: Professor Mark Jayne – JayneM1@cardiff.ac.uk; Dr. Andrew Williams – WilliamsAPJ@cardiff.ac.uk; Dr. Daniel Webb – WebbD1@cardiff.ac.uk

To put an opportunity on this page, please email mary@isaac-international.org