ISAAC Peer Mentoring

Welcome to the page of our pilot project: ISAAC Peer Mentoring (2021).

Over the course of 2021, ISAAC International are running a Peer Mentoring project aimed at ISAAC members in the UK. Depending on the success of this project and lessons learned, we hope to roll out Peer Mentoring among the other regions of the world that ISAAC operates in.

The Problem

At the heart of the ISAAC Peer Mentoring project is the knowledge that this field of Addictions/Recovery is like no other. We have the opportunity to have a tangible impact on people’s lives, and walk alongside people who are addicted/in recovery through some of the toughest times that they will face. As Christians in the field, we also carry an eternal hope and message to people in deepest despair.

But it can be tough. Burnout and compassion fatigue are rife within the field. Disappointment is part of the job. However, we do not need to do this alone. God has given us each other, and himself to lean on and learn from.

A Solution

The ISAAC network of members is made up of numerous Christians working in the field of Addictions/Recovery in a variety of settings. The ISAAC Peer Mentoring project looks to match people from within the ISAAC network, on a one-to-one basis as Mentors and Mentees.

We will work to connect the right Mentor with the right Mentee based on the application forms you send in. Mentors will be trained, supported and reference checked. Mentees will be accepted onto the project after their application is assessed and a suitable Mentor is found.

How it Works

This pilot project will run from February – December 2021. When applications from Mentors and Mentees have been made the ISAAC Mentor matching team will aim to find the best Mentor-Mentee match based on your application. We will contact you both to arrange a meeting for the initial ‘chemistry conversation’ to decide mutually whether you would like to go forward together.

Mentors and Mentees will aim to meet online once a month (or more if mutually agreed). If and when possible, we advise that you try and meet in person too at least once. The ISAAC team will be in contact at various points during the year to ensure that you are both happy and well supported. Mentors will have opportunities to meet online with other Mentors at three points during the year.

As this is a pilot project, it is free to take part in this year. We would really appreciate your candid feedback for any improvements we could make and will be in contact about this during the course of the year.

To Apply

The ISAAC Peer Mentoring project is open to anyone who is an ISAAC Member. If you are not yet a member, you can find out more and apply here.

Mentoring others: Join as an ISAAC Peer Mentor
Be Mentored: Join as an ISAAC Peer Mentee


Mentor others

  • Invest in someone who is keen to grow 
  • Share your knowledge and experience 
  • Improve your workplace by strengthening your skills
  • Strengthen the network of Christian addictions workers in the UK
  • Quality training for you in Coaching and Active Listening skills
  • Ongoing support through the year
  • Excellent experience if you are working towards Senior Management or Consultancy roles

Be mentored

  • A safe, supportive and confidential relationship
  • Practical wisdom from someone who is experienced in the field of addictions/recovery
  • Emotional support
  • Spiritual guidance and growth
  • Someone to pray for you
  • Professional guidance and insight
  • Helpful direction to other contacts or organisations